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  • Mission Statement

    The Grinnell Historical Review was established to provide a platform for historical discussions and debates and for historical research from a variety of perspectives. The GHR seeks to actively support students interested in historical study by offering a unique opportunity for undergraduates at Grinnell and beyond to showcase their scholarly works and experience the publishing process. All of us at the Grinnell Historical Review hope our journal will be a useful resource for those currently studying history as well as those exploring their interests or discovering historical scholarship for the first time.

    ~ Thompson Teasdale and Sarah Millender | Founders

  • Editorial Board

    The Students behind the GHR

    Sarah Millender

    Editor in Chief and Founder

    Year | 2020

    Majors | History and Political Science

    Favorite Area of Study | 19th Century American History

    Thompson Teasdale

    Editor in Chief and Founder

    Year | 2020

    Major | History

    Favorite Area of Study | American Indigenous History

  • Advisory Board

    Our Dedicated Team of Faculty Advisors

    Kelly Maynard

    | Department Chair of European History |

    | Grinnell College |

    Catherine Chou

    | Assistant Professor of Early Modern European History |

    | Grinnell College |

    Edward Cohn

    | Associate Professor of Russian History |

    | Grinnell College |

  • Background Image Acknowledgement | Image Altered | "Central College" (1870s), from an essay by Waldo S. Walker, courtesy of the Digital Grinnell Project: https://digital.grinnell.edu/islandora/object/grinnell%3A3217